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Naropa 2016 - Ladakh Fashion Show (Video)

Tsultim's Teilnahme an einer friedlichen Demo an der Universität von Jammu zugunsten einer Studentin aus Ladakh!

Von: Stanzin Chosgyal <chosgyalstanzin23@gmail.com>
Datum: 14.12.17 07:27 (GMT+01:00)
An: kathiroth5 <kathiroth5@gmail.com>
Betreff: Re: Re: julay Amalay
amalay, My result was declared and i passed with good rank in the class that is 5th out of 30 students, i am very glad, for this, amalay, and also, this winter i will stay in leh for the tuition of the computer accountancy, now a days weather is very cold and also snow is falling since yesterday, hope their is also cold in your country ...

Von: Sonam lhadol <sonamlhadol17@gmail.com>
Datum: 13.12.17 07:31 (GMT+01:00)
An: kathiroth5@gmail.com
Betreff: hellow

Merry Christmas Day and happy new year 2018 and also convey to yours friends n family.
How are you? I hope you are fine with your friends. Here the weather is so cold, we had a snowfall yesterday. How weather condition at your place?
In this winter I am going to stay in Leh, because in March we have a final exam.
We have tution at school for one month.
I feel very happy because you sent uncle Norboo to visit us, and ask our problem and I also receive 500, thanks you very much. Whatever I achieve, this all are due to your kind support and generosity. I will never forget your kind support..
with lots of love
Sonam Lhadol


Von: Stanzin Gafail <stanzingafail321@gmail.com>
Datum: 10.12.17 12:30 (GMT+01:00)
An: Käthi Roth <kathiroth5@gmail.com>
Julley Amala, 
Thank you very much for your appreciation for my English and communication, I am felling very glad to hear from you Amala, actually I have no supporter, my supporter is you Amala let me  explain :- last year when I wrote an email to you at that time you wrote me that  you have to use the polite words and also to change the format of writing the mail Amala, so that why I understand my weakness and make effort to make an improvement after all the appreciation is goes to you Amala, without your advice I could not able to know my English  and also I will always try my best to make it better, especially writing skill Amala.
Amala, I have not search the new room, I have an opinion, but I don't know whether it feel good or not, what about you home in  chog-lamsor? As you know Amala, Ven Gorgas was very busy lama, because he have to go for the prayer reciting (CHOS), also he have to look after for the "LING SHED LAB-RANG". Amala what I want to say is that , may I can get the chance to look after your home ? I will maintain it cleanly and also it surrounding, please Amala. It just my opinion I am so  sorry  if  you don't like it.
At last ,I will pray that your Christmas celebration will be very very enjoyably ..SAY MANY MANY JULLEY TO YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR FRIENDS.....
Your son Gafail

Von: Stanzin Gafail < stanzingafail321@gmail.com
Datum: 29. November 2017 11:40:27 MEZ 
An: Käthi Roth < 
Thank you very much for your best wishes Amala, they make some change for those students who are going  to the  extra classes or tuition after class ,they told that we have to come at an exect time that is at 6:30 pm , but sometime we are getting late  because on official holiday like children day,2th oct, etc Sir, is teaching for more than an hour because  we have no another class, of this we are geting late for the hostel , but right now every thing is OK, I spoke to the staff of the hostel, say about this and they are satisfied with this , yes, amala the news that you got from tsultrim is exectly right ,the cook of the hostel was restrigated by geysha  and sonam wandus, nowadays we have no cook and we have to cook by ownself which was quite destrubing also for the study,they said that they are looking for the new cook after winter holiday, I hope that we will get new cook after holiday. thank you very much,  Amala , this winter I a m staying in the leh ,but  my father house was is not in the good condition because it was very cold in winter and very small also, as I stayed in that house in last year, I could not stay in it , also the enviroment around that house is also not clean,I tried to looking for the new house but fee was quite high,  father couldnot afford this, .yes amala I will also join the course availible in leh, I am not using what app, because I had only a phone which has no such facilities.At last, once again thank you very much for the best wishes...   Gafail..


Von: Stanzin Chosgyal <chosgyalstanzin23@gmail.com> 
Datum: 26.11.17 10:55 (GMT+01:00) 
An: kathiroth5 <kathiroth5@gmail.com> 
Betreff: Re: Re: Re: julay Amalay.. Happy CHRISTMAS

julay amalay

with both are good and well.... in ladakh weather is cold day by day..   in 12 december we enjoy the galden namchoat and also 20 december ladakhi losar

From: Stanzin Gafail <stanzingafail321@gmail.com>
Date: 13 September 2017 at 15:02
To: kathiroth5@gmail.com

My Dear sponsor,
I Hope that you are in good health and happily stayed in your country . I am praying to the GOD. that we will meet every year.(Amala )I am really missing you a lots,But unfortunately I could not able to stay with internet for the long hours ,because(mainly in the evening)when I arrived from tuition center ,we have to wait for the long duration and also now a days we have to attend the hostel at fixed time because they make some new rules about the duration that we stay out side of the hostel for classes.therefore we could not able to wait for the long time and also even on  Sunday  we were  not leaving without a guardian (or a person who take  in charge  of me of me..)
Here in ladakh everything is OK and going smoothly,and everybody is fine Chosgyal, Ladol and me too.from both of them said hello and julley to you and your family .
And also the money that you sent to me through tsultrim is giving me monthly , thank you very much.
And I will never and ever make something that hurt you, I am studying well with my best ..
Your son
stanzin-  gafail

Von: lobzang tsultim < lobzangtsultim11@gmail.com>
Datum: 24. Auguscht 2017 18:32:21 MESZ
An: Käthi Roth <
Betreff: jullay 
Hello amalay
hope that you are well. here i am good and we having good rain this days hope that the teampreature gets down a little bit.my college is going well and this year my classes are on 9 to 12 and little shorter as compare to last year. amaly that i want to let you know that this upcoming year my house rent will be increase as compare to last year. here i am send you my last year expendature and the expenses of upcoming year .i also sent mail with information to martin also. i am sorry to put a burden on you all. pay my best wishes to all the sponsors and nicole ,karin.
on this ending i will send money to gafal and chosgyal for the september month.
take care

Von: sonam dorje <sonamdorje244@gmail.com> 
Datum: 19.08.17 09:46 (GMT+01:00) 
An: kathiroth5 <kathiroth5@gmail.com> 
Betreff: Re: Nunnery account 

Dear Kathi Roth,

Julay, thanks for sending information and you are sending Swiss Francs 500 for checking that it will reach or not in the bank. This is good idea.

But tomorrow for emergency purpose, I am leaving for Lingshed as we have some meetings with public regarding developmental works and especially for BRO road and bridge purpose and solar electrification installment to the family beneficiearies in the village and also some important meeting in the school. As I received information the solar meterials will arrive in Leh/Khaltse in first week of September 2017.

The company is saying that the transportation charges for solar matterials from Leh/Khaltse to Khyupala Pass (Gongma), the people and beneficiaries will have to pay for this. So I will have to discuss with the people and beneficiaries of Lingshed village.

with warm regards

Sonam Dorje from Leh

Von: lobzang tsultim < lobzangtsultim11@gmail.com
Datum: 24. Juli 2017 09:21:42 GMT+5:30 
An: Käthi Roth < 
Betreff: Re: jullay 
Jullay amalay 
You are always welcome to my place. Here the weather is too hot and light is not given properly. It stay for 10 minutes and goes off for 4 hours and sometimes it remains cutoff for whole night and also tension of the Kashmir last ten days before terrorist attack on the  amarnath yatri more than 8people were killed  and many more got injured .here in Jammu people are coming on street and protesting and strikes .many forces were implemented everywhere, it seems like we are living in a war zone. Jammu is on high   
Alert  so that why it difficult to say that when it will remain stable or it may turn into big conflict .
I will send 5thousand to gafal on this ending.
Best wishes 

26.6.2017 Gruss aus Ladakh

Liebe alle
Seit 3 Wochen bin ich im Land der hohen Pässe und es geht mir gut.
Gerade sitze ich auf dem Dach des Lingshed Labrang in der Sonne, mit Blick auf die Bergketten des Himalaya. Die hohen Bergspitzen sind noch schneebedeckt, das Wetter ist sehr wechselhaft. Oft ist es auch tags kalt, verschiedene Kleiderschichten, Wollmütze und warme Socken sind immer dabei.

Tsultim und Gurmet waschen gerade Kleider und haben es lustig. Wir werden später an einer Demo teilnehmen. Eine Schülerin aus Shey wurde von einem tibetanischen Lehrer in einer Privatschule sexuell missbraucht. Die Mutter des Mädchens hatte den Mut, ihre Tochter im Spital untersuchen zu lassen und an die Öffentlichkeit zu gehen. 

Freunde und Bekannte lassen grüssen.Lama Tsewang und Sonam Dorje waren letzte Woche in Kargil zu Verhandlungen wegen der Fertigstellung der Strasse bis Lingshed. Anschliessend machten sie sich auf Richtung Lingshed um mit den Einheimischen darüber zu reden. Sie meinten, dass sie 2 -3 Tage wegbleiben, es sind jetzt fünf.In den Dörfern gibt es Differenzen z.B. wegen Landansprüchen. Heute ist leider auch Neid und Gier ein offenes Thema.

StudentInnen die in Delhi, Chandigar und Jammu in colleges sind, verbringen ihre Ferien in Ladakh. Die Mädchen gehen meistens in ihre Dörfer um die Mutter / Familie zu sehen. Burschen bleiben lieber in Leh wo sie alle paar Tage internet Anschluss haben, Freunde treffen usw.
Ich habe Tsultim fast ein wenig überredet, doch einige Tage nach Hause zu gehen. Ausser seinem Vater kommt niemand aus seiner Familie ins Tal.

Orthopädie Projekt: Mit Dr. Anwar war besprochen, dass ich im Juni komme und wir vor der Touristensaison und vor der Erntezeit losziehen. Wir haben Dr.A. lange nicht erreicht. Es stellte sich raus, dass seine Frau erkrankt ist und er für einen Monat In Delhi ist.Ein befreundeter Orthopäde aus Khaltse Dr. Azhar, war dann interessiert mitzukommen. Bis Ende Juni ist Ramadan. Als praktizierender Moslem betet er 5 mal am Tag und wir fanden, dass in dieser Zeit das trecking zu anstrengend sei. Er kann erst abends nach dem letzten Gebet essen.
So werden wir anfangs Juli entscheiden. Am liebsten möchten wir mit Dr.A. gehen - die Einheimischen kennen ihn und er ist kompetent, jung und sehr freundlich.

Es kommt dazu dass H.H. Dalai Lama um den 8. Juli nach Zanskar kommt. Er hat in Padum eine grosse Amchi Clinic ( Naturärzte / tib. Medizin ) gesponsert und gibt dort eine Inauguration. Da werden viele Lingshed people hingehen und ich möchte auch dabei sein.
Ladakh lehrt mich immer wieder im jetzigen Moment zu leben und ich bin froh, genug Zeit zu haben.

Letzte Woche bin ich mit Tsultim und Gurmet ins Nubra Valley gefahren.Der Khardong La Pass muss überquert werden, es ist die  höchste befahrbare Passstrasse der Welt, 5303m. Am Donnerstag war die Strasse wegen einer Lawine gesperrt, am Freitag gings los. Auf der Passhöhe lag viel Schnee, die Luft "dünn", windig und kalt. Es hat massenhaft indische Touristen in Ladakh mit Privatautos und viele Gruppen mit Motorrädern. Aus dem Süden Indiens flüchten viele vor der Hitze und stehen hier Schlange vor Geschäften mit warmen Kleidern und Schals. Mehrere Autos rutschten auf dem Schnee und standen quer in der Gegend, Motorräder mussten teilweise getragen werden. Die einheimischen Fahrer hatten viel zu tun um zu helfen, und wir warteten einige Stunden.

Das Nubra Tal gefällt mir sehr. Es ist viel grüner als Zentralladakh, 10 km breit, hat Sanddünen und schroffe,schneebedeckte Berggipfel.Die Menschen sind fröhlich und recht offen.
Ich brauche eine Sondergenehmigung die an 2 Militärposten zusammen mit dem Pass kontrolliert wird.
Die Gegend ist strategisch wichtig.Nubra liegt auf dem Weg zum Siachen Gletscher, der an der pakistanischen Grenze liegt.
Früher führten 2 Karawanenrouten von Leh nach Nubra. Einige Familien züchten immer noch Kamele. Als Zusatzeinkommen bieten sie für Touristen Ausritte über Sanddünen an. Wir kamen am Nachmittag bei glühender Hitze in der Oase Hundar an und entschieden uns für einen halbstündigen Ausritt. Die beiden Ladakhis waren erst etwas skeptisch, gewöhnten sich dann ans Schaukeln der Wüstenschiffe und hatten Spass.
Wir haben u.a.einige Klöster besucht, wo reger Betrieb herschte, da H.H. im Juli auch Nubra besuchen wird. In Panamik badeten wir in heissen Quellen, was Tsultim als tollstes Erlebnis empfand.

Viele jullay s in die "heisse " Schweiz, möge es Euch allen gut gehen.

Käthi Roth

"Die abenteuerliche Reise 15 alter Laptops von der Kanti Hottingen in den hintersten Winkel Himalayas"
Sie können diesen Bericht, umfassend Titelblatt der Zeitschrift, Seiten 2 und 3, hier



Bericht von Käthi Roth / Herzoperation von Lobzang Tsultim aus Ladakh in Neu Delhi

Durch einen Vorhofseptum-Defekt am Herzen hatte Lobzang Tsultim grosse gesundheitliche Probleme. Er musste dringend operiert werden. 
Am 15.Mai 2015 trafen sich Lama Lobzang (Gründer und Präsident der Ladakh Heart Foundation) mit Lobzang Tsultim, seinem Vater Tondup und Käthi Roth.
Tsultim hatte die Resultate der Voruntersuchungen, wir brauchten einen baldigen Operationstermin.
In der Uni Klinik Neu Delhi, im Seitentrakt " for poor people" wurden wir von einem Büro zum andern geschickt. Stundenlanges Warten bei 40 Grad Hitze, Schmutz, Gestank und sterbende Menschen runherum.
Student Dorjay kannte das Fortis Memorial Hospital in Gurgaon und begleitete uns dorthin. Sofort wurden wir von einem kompetenten Herzchirurgen empfangen.
Tsultim wurde am nächsten Tag erfolgreich operiert. Sein Vater und Käthi Roth pflegten ihn abwechslungsweise.
Dank GönnerInnen konnte die Operation am offenen Herzen, die CHF 3445.- kostete, bezahlt werden.
Die Kosten von Vater Tondup und Käthi Roth wurde von privaten Personen übernommen.

Vater Tondup Namgyal aus Lingshed (mit Mütze) und Tashi Dorjay aus Neraks


links: Student Dorjay aus Zanskar. Er hat uns oft begleitet und super unterstützt. Für Tsultim hat er Blut gespendet.

rechts: Student Jigmet aus Chandigahr kam zum Blut spenden

Von: "Lobzang Tsultim" < lobzangtsultim@rediffmail.com
Datum: 9. Juni 2015 11:55:07 MESZ 
An: "Kathi Roth " < 
Betreff: Re: How are you ?

jullay amalay 
i am fine and well. here everything is going well and good.amalay i need a time to recover , if i will be selected in delhi universitry  but if i did not get the hostel than it would be difficult for me my health is also week ,so i cant stay rent in delhi . till i will be well enough.sometime i am thinking to dropped this year . i know it is difficult for me to miss this year . here in jammu the admission is going everywhere . i am sorry to think like this amaly but if i will not recover soon . what should i do amaly .amalay thank you for giving me a new life , i promise that i will utilize well this life .. please suggest some way amalay.  

dear sponsars 

Von: sonam dorje <sonamdorje244@gmail.com> 
Datum: 09.05.17 12:50 (GMT+01:00) 
An: kathiroth5 <kathiroth5@gmail.com> 

Dear Ama Kathi, 

we received a letter written by Gafail regarding the money he needs for hostel and tuition purpose, but there is not mentioned, how the money needs for him, so we will meet Gafail, if he comes and for the time being, we will give some money, but when you are in Leh, we will discuss in detail how much Ladakhpartners can pay money in a year and it needs to be fixed money support per a year, because of Gafail and other students need to control the sponsor's money. okay we will discuss in a detail in Leh. 

we are ready to fly tomorrow from Zurich to Delhi, we will inform you when we reach in Delhi. 

sonam and lama tsewang

Von: Stanzin Chosgyal <chosgyalstanzin23@gmail.com> 
Datum: 08.05.17 13:14 (GMT+01:00)

An: Käthi Roth <kathiroth5@gmail.com> 
Betreff: Re: julay Amalay.. Happy CHRISTMAS 

julay amalay how are you?   i hope that you are fine  with friends and family members ....before time net work is not working  in ladakh  may be 3 or 4 month.... sorry amalay  i did not send the message for you ..

Von: Stanzin Gafail <stanzingafail321@gmail.com> 

Datum: 08.05.17 15:18 (GMT+01:00) 
An: Käthi Roth <kathiroth5@gmail.com> 

Hello my Dear sponsor,,
First of all I stanzin- gafail want to say Julley to you and all of your friends and family member today I want to state every thing about being the wide gap of not sending email , the all the reason behind these is that the main source of internet wire which are expose to the cold weather was on the passes called (ZOGI LA) which was under cover of cold weather due to this the wire are depart due to cold weather .   In Ladakh also the weather is quiet confusing in my point of view . the more cloth have to wear than winter  because some time cold or some time hot , I think these all are due to global imbalance.i am also worry about my family member because they are ploughing  the field so these sort of weather condition will be act as obstacles ..The most interesting  is that since last year  i saw the banana today morning.  
Right now i just come from tuition which was from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm .
Day before the yesterday I got the receipt of hostel fee which i have to pay for hostel .And also i have to pay for my tuition .Getting evening i have to reach for the the hostel .


Von: sonam dorje <sonamdorje244@gmail.com> 
Datum: 20.03.17 08:53 (GMT+01:00) 
An: Käthi Roth <kathiroth5@gmail.com> 
Betreff: Re: Are you well ? 

Dear Ama Kathi, 
Julay it was nice to talk to you on telephone, but it was cut off 
because of the recharge was finished in my phone, so I could not call 
you again yesterday. 

Today morning I went to the Chief Manager of State Bank of India Leh 
about Debit Authority and sending back the money CHF 2200/- and CHF 
2025/- to the source, Ladakhpartners Switzerland, but the banker says 
if you want to send back the money will take quite time to reach to 
++the source Switzerland, because the banker of Leh needs to send the 
money to Kolkata India and the banker of Leh cannot send back directly 
the money to the source switzerland. Kolkata India will take time to 
send back the same money to the source switzerland. In this regard, 
the banker of Leh is suggesting to wait for renewal registration from 
Ministry Home Affairs Delhi. so, we will wait and see for the process. 

It is really appreciated that you would like Lama Tsewang and Sonam 
Dorje to be members of Association Ladakhpartners to take the 
responsibility of the projects in respect of working for the community 
welfare in Ladakh. In this regard, we both Lama Tsewang and Sonam 
Dorje would be happy to work with your project Association 
Ladakhpartners to give services as per instruction, direction and 
suggestion of the Ladakhpartners Switzerland. But for the detail 
discussion, when we both are in swiss and we will discuss together in 

We both Lama Tsewang and Sonam Dorje request you for not stepping back 
please, we both assure you to help and to work hard in collective 
efforts for the project. 

with warm regards 

Sonam Dorje 

  Von: lobzang tsultim <lobzangtsultim11@gmail.com> 
Datum: 20.02.17 16:29 (GMT+01:00) 

An: Käthi Roth <kathiroth5@gmail.cHello Ama Kaithi,

Wish you my heartiest greetings on the celebrating day of Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018.

How are you? Hope you well. Well where are you these days.? I am well here and doing my study continue. In last two weeks we got great opportunity to see His Holiness The Dalai Lama and attend his teachings. There is also teachings by His Holiness at Bodh Gaya in the beginning of new year. But unfortunately I am not attending there. Stay here only and thought to prepare for Gelukpa Board examination. To Which I can join in 2018 maybe, but surely in 2019.

I am so sorry for couldn't say you thanks for the nice book you had present me. I must read well and hopefully can share the messages of this book to others. Thanks a lot.

I pray for your happiness and peaceful mind throughout our precious life.

All the best and best of luck!!!!

 From: Stanzin Gafail <stanzingafail321@gmail.com
Date: 2017-01-17 9:02 GMT+01:00 
Subject: Thanks for funding me 

Hello ,amala good afternoon, your money is very helpful to me for my studies because of these I could able to go for any tution. But unfortunately lama jorjas was gone for sermon (DALAI LAMA'S ) in Delhi . So I need tution fees  for mathematics , and science... 
If you have any suggestions tell me.☺☺☺☺


From Lama Ngawang Sopaom> 
Betreff: jullay from jammu

hello amaly 
how are you ? i hope that you are fine with good health. here i am also good.here we are having rain a lot . my studies are going well and tommorrw we have college picnic and they after we are going for geography tour at udumpur  so this week i am bit busy.in ling shed there is having good snow this winter approximately 1 feet snow and continue snowing. this is good for the upcoming summer.pay my greetings to all the sponsors and friends 



26.2.18 22:10 KR/hrfß