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From: Stanzin Gafail <stanzingafail123@gmail.com> 
Date: Mi., 21. Nov. 2018 um 11:20 Uhr 
Subject: "Financial assistance for computer languages" 
To: kathiroth5 < kathiroth5@gmail.com> 

Dear sponsor (Amala kathi)
Hello , I am very thankful for your constant support in every aspect of my life by giving every needy things to me . Really amala it make me very hesitate to ask for this :--
Now coming to the point amala form this year I want to go to learn computer languages in new delhi in an institute called as (coding elements ).   Because this is most requirements skill that I think ,I have to know  amala. By having these knowledge one could understand about the computer more deeply .I don't know whether it is possible for me or not ,  because  I had look about this all in google  for a few days but the  fees structure is high .By looking in it I felt that the  field of computer is not so cheap as I thought before.
why I choose delhi is another question?because as delhi is the place which is well known in the field of computer language learning  and another  field also .. basically this place is well advance then other  amala .
And also the laptop that given to me last year was  still in use Amala but I need to replace it with quite advanced laptop .Because for learning computer languages the laptop should be the most requirements  .and also capable of coding Amala .
If possible please Amala 


Von: Tsering Norboo < norboo_t@yahoo.com>
Datum: 9. Novämber 2018 16:17:13 MEZ
An: Käthi Roth <

Hi Kathi ley,

Hope your goodself is in good health over there.

We are fine and all are fine at the VKV Clinic and few activities been carried this year and nothing to worry about.

I wish you all the best in your work and may the almighty shower on you happiness and good health.

We all missed you a lot and hope to see you next summer.  Weather is not so good these days in Leh and Saspol but it remains good sometime.

Julley and good wishes.

Tserin hig Norboo

From: Stanzin Gafail <
Date: 2018-05-21 6:38 GMT+02:00


My dear sponsor. Amala 
How are you Amala ?with great hope that you are very healthy and fit Amala.
 I can't imagine my life without your contribution in my life Amala. Because you have done many things to us . Amala , I can write a big novel  on your contribution towards the trans-singa-la , area's residents people Amala .Here i am fine and fit Amala because of you, I am really sorry if it was quite long to read, Amal a I know you are too busy Amala  if I distrub you I am really sorry amala .
My exam will in the month of October Amala , I am doing well for this . 
Now a days I am not staying in the hostel any more  because of following reason Amala :-
1.As my class is starting at early morning amala , because if this ,I couldn't not get taxi at the early morning ,and also I miss my break fast Amala ,as a result I also miss the lunch also , because this two meal are making at  a time Amala.
2. Also the fee that Amala a you deposit in the hostel is going waste Amala rupees 1500, monthly.annually the total amount is 1500*9  equal to Rupees13,500 it can use for another purpose . like joining a new class like English grammar class or other class
3.Their is no need of an extra money  amala.because i am staying in the father home Amala, it my duty to inform you if their is going waste of money. As you told that money was not come easily .
I kept this is my mind Amala,
Amala, I need your what app no please .
Thank you very much for the photo Amala , that really nice, Amala  I had printed it and made a frame of it Amala , really nice memory thank you..
And also the smart phone that you send to me ,Amala, really amazing , it playing very important role Amala  really. I can get access to the internet that really a big deal Amala thanks.
Today I will sent my certificate of the computer couching of the winter holiday Amala . that I got after taking exam Amala .
I will go home after a week later for 7 days to help parents in field ploughing..
Amala can we meet in summer ..

Your son
Stanzin- Gafail 

WhatsApp Chat mit Lobzang Tsultim:

29.05.18 um 19:10 - Lobzang Tsultim: Jullay amalay
How are you? Hope that you are well . I am also well and today my exam is over . Last paper was geography and went well .
I hope that result will be positive .
My 3rd semester exam results came positive and now I am going to take in final year . It will be my last college life and hopefully I will be go well without any
hindrance .
Thank you amalay for your each and every support did for me .

Von: karma ling <karmaling@rediffmail.com> 

Datum: 19.02.18 04:04 (GMT+01:00) 
An: Kathi Roth <kathiroth5@gmail.com>

Thank you very much 
I explain your letter to Amchi 
He is please to hear you 

He has started one chemo 
Next is on 1/3/18 
Health is almost ok 
Having soup through pipe and also small small from mouth 
In the ending of March Lama Norbu (sister'sson) suppose to come to help him 
The treatment seems to be lengthy 
Again thanks for the money 
Many many jully you,family members relatives and Friends 
Lama tsephel is still here for help 
All the best to all of you 
May you have always be peace and love atmosphere 

Von: sonamdorje244 <sonamdorje244@gmail.com> 
Datum: 29.12.17 03:14 (GMT+01:00) 
An: Käthi Roth <kathiroth5@gmail.com> 
Betreff: RE: Jullay Ladakh 

Dear ama kathi, it is very nice. Now i am ln khaltsi hostel giving winter coaching/ tuition to students are learning coputer, english, tibetan ladakhi language and i am as a warden as well as teaching them english and computer. 
Sonam from khaltsi ladakh



28.11.18 14:30 kr/hrfß